Le vinyle My Hero Academia en précommande chez All The Anime


Le catalogues OST de All The Anime continue de s’accroître. Tandis que certaines séries bénéficient de rééditions (Lady Oscar), on découvre que les précommandes sont ouvertes (44.99 euros) pour le vinyle de l’adaptation de My Hero Academia.

Les compositions du célèbre Yuki Hayashi (Kiznaiver, Welcome to the Ballroom) sont ici divisées en deux LP de 12 morceaux :

Disc 1 (Side A)
Heroes vs. Villains
A Hero Is…
The Hero Work Recommendation Project
That’s Super Hero-Like!!
Nabu Island
Inherited Power
Nine’s Quirk
Nine’s Blunder
The Villain Appears
You Picked the Wrong Person to Taunt!
Deku and Katsuma

Disc 1 (Side B)
Nine’s Action
Surprise Attack of the Villain
Class 1-A, Heading Out!
Nine and His Team’s Resistance
Numerical Inferiority
Nine’s Tenacity of Purpose
The Strength of the Man Who’ll Become the Number One Hero
Islander’s Anxiety
Past with Nine

Disc 2 (Side A)
Together as One
Strategy Meeting
Let’s Start the Operation!
We’ll Go All-Out to Stop You!
Joint Struggle
To the Limit
Nine’s Craving

Disc 2 (Side B)
Be Number One -Bakugo’s Belief-
Nine’s Power
A Heart That Is Inherited
There Is a Hero There


Source : All The Anime

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